Solid Foundation
Flourishing Future

We’re expanding our school to give more families access to an education that reflects the values of their home, church, and community.

Equipping Even More
Children For Life

This $3.6 million expansion of our facilities will enable Delta Christian School to deliver high-quality, Christ-centred education to current and future generations of students.

Our Vision

The foundational values learned at Delta Christian shape every student, and are carried through their lifetime into their work and relationships. Our students become leaders and innovators who are making an impact and changing the world wherever they go.

What It Looks Like

Our expansion plans for Delta Christian School are designed with versatility toward the future in mind. Every decision comes back to the desire to see that families are connected, students are supported, staff are valued, and lives are transformed while at DCS.

Addition of two upper-floor classrooms for grade 7, featuring an integrated Learning Commons area to enrich the grades 5-7 learning experience.

Establishment of two dedicated kindergarten classrooms on the lower floor, equipped with washrooms and direct access to the early learning play area.

Upgraded HVAC systems for improved air quality and a comfortable learning environment for students.

Redesigned spaces for Inclusive Education to better support the diversity of learners.

Retractable partition in the gym for increased PE time promoting physical and mental well-being.

Early learning outdoor space designed for preschool to grade 1 students, fostering explorative play through natural elements and a deeper connection to God’s creation.

Courtyard for parents to gather and connect, creating a communal space for community interaction.

Overhang to provide students with shade and protection from the elements during vital outdoor time.

Enhanced facilities for staff to work and care for their well-being, including a larger staffroom and more flexible office space.

Extended pick-up and drop-off lanes for parents ensuring a safe and streamlined flow of traffic.

Increased parking spaces to improve campus access and accommodate the school bus and a growing number of staff and school visitor vehicles.

Dedicated space for before and after-school childcare, ensuring a nurturing environment for students whose families require greater flexibility in their schedule.

Introduction of a new Christ-centered preschool program for four-year-olds to meet the growing demand for early learning spaces.

Be Part of Our
Flourishing Future

For over 70 years, Delta Christian School has brightened young lives with an education built on faith, excellence, and community.

Now, we’re taking the first step towards building another seven decades of exceptional Christian education.

The project relies entirely on God’s provision through the partnership of generous donors like you. We invite you to contribute in a way that suits your capacity, remembering that every contribution, whether big or small, plays a crucial role in shaping the future. By investing in this project, you’re not just supporting the current generation; you’re leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

All Donations are Tax-deductible

Fuel Growth

By helping us increase capacity, you’re helping more and more young people build a Christ-centered foundation that will guide them throughout their lives.

Enhance Learning

Your support provides the latest resources, technology and curriculum enhancements that help students develop a life-long love of learning.

Transform Lives

You’re helping students discover their passions, develop their talents, and become compassionate leaders in their families and communities.

Project Timeline

April 2024

Campaign Launch

May 2024

70th Anniversary Celebration

Summer 2024



Construction Phase

Fall 2025

Opening New Expansion

The expansion will seamlessly extend from our current building with stages carefully planned to minimize disruption. The interior space will remain unaffected and fully accessible for our students and staff.

Campaign Updates


Your Financial Partnership is Needed

The construction company requires a deposit of $300,000 in order to place shovels in ground by the end of June. Partner with us to make our vision a reality!

April 10

Capital Campaign Brochure

We have finalized our campaign brochure, which includes exciting information regarding our expansion plans! Brochures will be sent out in the following weeks.

April 4

Securing Project Financing

The finance committee is actively working with lenders to secure financing for the project. All requested documents have been submitted. We are in the process of receiving confirmation from the lender

March 15

Updated Architectural Design

Due to code restraints we had to change some of our design details and location on the property. We are excited to keep our key elements and add additional washrooms upstairs.

March 15

DCS 70th Anniversary Celebration

Save the date! All family and friends are welcome to join us as we celebrate 70 years of God's faithfulness! May 24, 2024 at South Delta Baptist Church.

Fundraising Opportunities

More Ways to Give:

Delta Christian School is a member school of the Christian School Foundation which means we can easily accept many types of gifts. Legacy giving or gifts of non-registered securities (stocks, shares, or mutual fund units, for example) have significant tax advantages for the donor, and the process of giving is very straightforward. Contact Courtnay Mawhorter ( or Kevin teBrake ( at the Foundation to learn more!